10 reasons why you should choose WordPress

by Mihailo Raspopović
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Almost one third of the websites on the internet use WordPress CMS, thus making it the most popular content management system which exists today. If you plan to develop a website for your business, whether you are just starting with one or have a big company, then WordPress is the best “web builder choice”. 

Here are the 10 main reasons you should go with WordPress. 

  1. More than a blog
    WordPress was created as an ideal blog platform, but today the majority of businesses and people are using it as a full website. It has both post and page structure, so you can post articles without affecting the static pages such About Us page or Contact Us. 

  2. SEO
    SEO loves WordPress. By using WordPress CMS you will instantly gain advantage in ranking position as Google and Bing tend to rank WordPress websites above those with other CMS. Moreover, on the market there are handful of plugins and extensions that help your website enhance SEO (e.g. Yoast plugin).

  3. Easy to use
    Simplicity is what defines WordPress. The administration is user-friendly as they come and easy for novices to learn (posting articles, adding photos, etc.). The platform is very intuitive and provides clarity in the content management. 

  4. Adaptability
    What makes WordPress the most adaptable platform is the fact that you can accommodate all needs of your website with so many plugins and extensions that are available on the market. It doesn’t matter whether you plan to develop a small business website, blog or an ecommerce solution.

  5. Big brands use it
    Some of the world’s biggest brands are powered by WordPress, such as NASA, Coca Cola, Forbes, WSJ and many more. With millions of pageviews per day it goes to show you that WordPress should be considered as a serious business solution. 

  6. Social media integration
    Visitors on your website can easily post comments on articles on your website by using their social network accounts. Not only that, but with SSO (single sign-in option) feature visitors can log in with their social media accounts without ever having to go through the process of creating username and password. 

  7. Responsive
    If you are picking a WordPress theme then it’s not necessary to overhaul the entire website to make it accessible on tablets and smartphones, because most themes are automatically responsive. Besides, even with custom WordPress website the platform itself gives you an option to quickly make it responsive for all devices. 

  8. Multi user capability
    If you are running a blog or similar website that requires you to add some content on a daily basis you are likely to get some help. Doing so WordPress allows you to assign different access roles for different people. E.g.: 

    Super Admin – has total access to website features
    Admin – has access to administration feature
    Editor – can publish their own posts and remove the posts of other user
    Author – can manage and publish their own post
    Subscriber – can view and edit their own profile

  9. Updates
    WordPress is becoming more and more secure. The CMS is regularly updated, along with the plugins that integrate with it, thus preserving the platform of potential malicious attacks. It constantly keeps improving with new features, new plugins, etc.

  10. Integration
    Integrates with many popular 3rd-party platforms to make your website modern and functioning efficiently. There are plugins and extensions for basically everything that comes to one’s mind: from credit card payments on an ecommerce site to sending out email newsletters. 

As you can see WordPress allows you to have pretty much any kind of website you want and these 10 reasons ought to do the trick and give you insight on why you should go with this CMS. If you are interested in website development or seek consultation for your existing WordPress platform send us an email on info@codepixel.me or fill out the contact form on this link