Are you all in one office?

We are indeed all in one office, at Moskovska 82 in Podgorica, Montenegro.

It's one of the perks for being fast in communication and problem-solving.

What type of project do you do?

We do projects ranging from theme based and custom websites to custom software and mobile apps.

Since our company started doing business we’ve created news portals, custom websites, e-commerce websites, as well as developed B2B/B2C web and mobile applications.

Do you do back-end?

In short, yes. You probably didn't pay attention at Node.js in our services page, and you may be confused by the fact that we specialize in front-end development.

Let's us explain it briefly:
Node.js is a server-side runtime environment for executing Javascript code outside of a browser. What it means in practice, is that we use same programming language for front-end and back-end part of application.

How much it will cost to develop…?

It's a vague question. The cost of the development takes so many things into account that it has to be estimated by providing clear information and scope of project.

Each project is different and requires in-depth analysis, but feel free to contact us and get an estimation.

Do you develop custom websites or themes?

Of course. When it comes to custom solution we develop the most reliable website and have our experts take your idea and deliver fully functional website that is ready to enhance your business.

We use a particular approach in our WordPress development and even create custom plugins, where needed, to improve overall features of the website.

We also work with pre-made themes but, even though it's a cheaper option, they are limited in terms of features and regularly tend to cause numerous issues such as poor structure, outdated tools, etc.

Do you develop mobile apps?

Yes, we create hybrid mobile apps in-house using Apache Cordova and Ionic.

Do you provide consulting services?

Absolutely. We provide advice for tech and non-tech related things. We’ve worked with different entities such as public institutions and large businesses, thus have accumulated a lot of knowledge on internal processes and business analysis.

It's not always about the development but consulting you on different segments of a business and taking care of your idea - giving it a fresh look, new features for MVP, etc.

Do you do design?

We have designers creating UX and UI design for websites, web and mobile apps. Its starts with the wireframing to revision of couple layout variants, than onto designing responsive.

We mostly focus to create simple, clarity, yet innovative and consistent user interface because the people are the end users and it should look clean and user-friendly.

Do you have project managers?

Of course. We assign project managers to all projects, albeit in cases of small single services where its not a necessity to have one. Project manager is your main point of contact who will be with you throughout the whole project, delivering reports and status updates.

Only in team extension engagement model we can work with a project manager who is not in-house but needs experienced front-end developers.

What project management approach do you use?

It depends on the type of project and requirements. Usually for website development we use “waterfall” approach and Agile for complex web apps and software development.

Nevertheless, we are quite flexible in terms of project management approach so we can combine to find a solution that fits the best.

Do you work with fixed priced projects?

Yes, we do, but only in cases where the project has a clear defined scope of work and requirements. The extra changes that are not outlined in the beginning are estimated separately for time frames and pricing.

How do I start?

You can reach us on several ways. By sending an email to [email protected], by filling out the contact form or sending a message directly via live chat on the website.

If you live abroad and have time to combine business and vacation you should visit our beautiful country and meet our co-founders in person.

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