Where are you located?

Our head office is based in Podgorica, Montenegro (GMT+1).

While most of our team members can be found in this location, we support a remote-first approach to work which has proven both effective and efficient. Regardless of the preferred place of work, our usual business hours run from 9 AM to 5 PM (GMT+1).

What type of project do you do?

Our primary focus is the design and development of web-based applications, softwares and SAAS. We provide full cycle service, which includes: discovery phase, creating requirements and a backlog, design, agile development, testing, release and growth stage.

We also work with projects where we are engaged to work on a particular phase, such as design or front end development, with startups which lack expertise.

Part of our team works with WordPress related projects and in that area we provide end-to-end development of custom and robust websites and e-commerce platforms.

What is a typical development team?

A typical project team usually includes a backend developer(one or more), a frontend developer(one or more) and project manager. If design work is needed, a designer is attached to the team. We always call upon our Business Analysis team to consult and advise on budget estimations and tech stack.

To manage our projects, we usually use Agile methodology for planning sprints (week or two weeks-long working periods) and Clickup for issue tracking and providing valuable information to the client.

For everyday communication inside our team we use Slack, Bitbucket (mostly issues and pull requests), and daily stand-ups (brief meetings) to make sure the project moves forward smoothly and that all tasks are appropriately prioritized.

We will usually hold weekly status calls with you to keep everyone involved up to date on project and development status—usually our whole team is present on the calls and we encourage you to have your team there, too.

How much it will cost to develop…?

It's a vague question. The cost of the development takes so many things into account that it has to be estimated by providing clear information and scope of project.

Each project is different and requires in-depth analysis, but feel free to contact us and get an estimation.

Do you work with Wordpress themes?

No, we don’t.

We only work with custom website development i.e. where we handle the strategy and design phase, before moving on to development.

When it comes to custom solutions we develop the most reliable website and have our experts take your idea and deliver a fully functional website that is ready to enhance your business.

We use a particular approach in our WordPress development and even create custom plugins, where needed, to improve overall features of the website.

Do you develop mobile apps?

Yes, we create hybrid mobile apps in-house using Apache Cordova and Ionic.

How do you conduct the design process?

Before we can build a product, we need to understand its context for existence and validate your product ideas during two day-long Discovery Workshop. The product discovery phase sets the foundation for the final product.

We think of research as a good investment — good research informs design decisions and investing in research early in the process can save a lot of time and money down the road.

Depending on the size and project needs this phase covers some of the following analysis: build user personas, information architecture, create user stories, scenario map, sitemap (user flow), storyboarding etc.
Wireframing acts as the backbone of the product, and designers often use them as a foundation for final UI design.
Once done with the wireframes the UI designer starts doing the rest of the jobs. Here we need to define the final look of the product and depending on project needs create high fidelity prototypes or UI style guides. We are guided by the fact that the interface must be beautiful, understandable and unique.

Do you have project managers?

Of course. We assign project managers to every full cycle project that we do and they act as a connection between our team and the end client.

When there is a team augmentation engagement and our delivery team is added to an existing team, we often do not include PMs.

How do I start?

You can reach us on several ways. By sending an email to info@codepixel.me, by filling out the contact form or sending a message directly via live chat on the website.

If you live abroad and have time to combine business and vacation you should visit our beautiful country and meet our co-founders in person.

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