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Being a startup ourselves we understand that every single cent counts when setting up a new business. With our special model of cooperation for startups and small businesses we seek to ensure success on every field, especially technical development.

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We are familiar with corporate work culture and governance, therefore we are able to adjust to the procedures and always be professional. Our experience includes working with various corporate systems such as CRM and ERP.

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Our engagements include working with public administration and similar organizations. We understand budgeting procedures, tender processes and governance structures, enabling us to always provide adequate solution and consultation.

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Each member of the Codepixel team has their own responsibilities, but we all work and strive toward a common goal: providing you with the best solution that is most beneficial for your business.

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Why outsource to us

Focus on core business

No one can be a “jack of all trades” and be efficient in every segment of a business. Our approach and the use of best technologies is allowing you to take the burden off and focus on your core business strategy.

We can take care of project management and development so that you may devote more time to managing day to day operations and seek to increase sales.

Reduced costs

Reduce all costs associated with recruitment and hiring staff - especially skilled developers who are expensive and hard to come by. By hiring us you don’t have to worry about things such as employee benefits or providing hardware because we are taking care of everything.

Currently Montenegro has a growing IT sector and development hourly rates are lower compared to the rest of Europe, for each level of developer.

Agile development team

Agile is the way to go nowadays because it allows for change. Our model helps you to predict costs and schedule more easily, but more importantly during each iteration there is an opportunity to constantly refine and reprioritize the overall product backlog.

Our team is fully cooperational and provides transparency by making clients be involved in the project from planning through review sessions to deployment of new features.


With us you’ll be able to stay close to fast-moving, ever-changing industry from which you can gain a lot of experience. We always stay up to date with the latest, most reliable technologies that are emerging and look to use them in your business strategy.

We only use tested and credible frameworks and libraries, therefore reducing the risk to a minimum when it comes to recovering from complex issues.

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