Is a happy client a myth?

by Vladimir
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In the digital society there are many laws and rules that can be broken, but more than ever keeping your customers happy is the one thing that needs to be taken care of rigorously. We are witnessing numerous cases of online piling up on brands because they don’t deliver what they preach or their marketing campaigns and customer relations fail miserably.  

Adidas Boston Marathon
In 2013 Adidas sent this message to all the Boston Marathon finishers despite the bombing case that occurred during the event

User experience usually refers to the feeling users face when using a product, application, system, or service. It is a broad term that can cover anything from how well the user can navigate the product, how easy it is to use, how relevant the content displayed is or the quality level of the provided service.

User experience goes way deeper than just plain quality product or service delivery.Today user wants to identify with the brand, share it to his/her social media and be included in brand campaigns if the cause resonates with him/her.And from user experience we can also derive another term – the customer/client satisfaction.

But with every measuring involved there is a legitimate question, who will set the scale? In the IT industry the leader in setting the scale is the Clutch, a  data-driven field guide for B2B buying and hiring decisions.

Clutch Montenegro
And yes, Clutch told us we are the best.

Jokes aside, we are very proud of the fact that we were selected as the best service provider in Montenegro for this year in the field of software development.

Delivering professional services, conducting communication and feedback, following defined timelines, schedules and deadlines provided us a very respectable list of clients that find our services valuable. Our main goal is to maintain these levels of quality and keep our current and future customers happy.

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