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UX/UI designer, Project manager, QA tester, Front-end developer, Back-end developer


Design and development of a human resource management system for a hotel group


16 weeks


4+ modules


The Casa del Mare hotel group, which includes 7 small boutique hotels, is progressing year by year. This authentic local company, founded in 2009, today employs around 30 permanent and over 100 seasonal workers, and has around 150 accommodation units in hotels, including the new Hedera Residences brand in Morinje.

The company's goal is to introduce innovations in the work of the HR sector through digitization, so software as a digital solution for managing and optimizing the daily tasks of human resources and the overall HR goals of the organization is an ideal step. This kind of software allows managers to better allocate their time and resources to more productive and profitable efforts.

The development of software for resources (HR) management would significantly speed up business processes, provide a centralized database of employees and candidates for seasonal jobs, and enable the company's management to simplify and quickly hire employees and candidates, as well as to adequately respond to the lack of manpower in periods of high season.


Research & strategy
Product design
QA testing
Cloud infrastructure

With the launch, I can safely say that our HR processes have been significantly streamlined, which saves us a lot of time and provides efficiency to the company as a whole.

Stefan Đurić, COO Casa del Mare
clutch codepixel


Management of resources not streamlined

Slow search in huge database in Excel

Fluctuations in number of employees during the high season

Manual input of candidate info from email to Excel

Visual Identity

casa del mare identity developed by designers of codepixel casa del mare identity developed by designers of codepixel mobile



Populated with widgets and charts it allows the user to see the full overview of the company and other modules. Some of the key widgets are nationalities of the employees, contract expiration tracker, overall statistics, etc.

Full employee database which contains advanced filters where the HR manager can search and filter based on the sector within the company, specific hotel in the group, job description and manage employe’s present and past salaries.

Similar to the employee database, it offers the user full table overview with advanced filters, streamlined entry of data and management of candidates application. Moreover, if the company decides to make the candidate an official employee, we have developed a convert function which automatically transfers him from one database to another.

The application form contains all fields that relate to the particular organization of the company and once submitted the form will get sent to the database where the HR department will see it. From that moment on the department staff schedules interviews and then conducts the rest of onboarding processes.

Management over the software users as the department is composed of different roles who all need access to the certain databases.

Employee database
Candidate base


The human resources department relied solely on Excel sheets. Although the database was neatly organized, a lot of manual work was involved to constantly update it. Moreover, the spreadsheets did not allow for much filtering of the data, making it very difficult to fetch certain candidates and employees at the time it was required to do it quickly. It was simply begging to be streamlined into a digital solution where those operations could be performed in a couple of clicks.

exel old fation way


Now Casa del Mare hotel group is working with a web-based software which has fast performance and is accessible. The user friendly interface is simplified to mimic the operations of the company, so HR management staff of the company were easily onboarded. The software presents a much better overview of the employees and candidates who apply, giving the company more time to focus on important operations which in turn increases productivity and is cost effective.

new system developed by Codepixel


faster and more efficient


With the implementation of this software the company improved its HR operation significantly, but what is also important to note is that the architecture of the solution allows for future expansion to new features. By scaling up the software Casa del Mare hotel group plans to further improve the already high standards they have set in human resources management in the hospitality industry.

Tech Stack

typescript logo TypeScript
aws-logo AWS
Docker logo Docker
laravel logo Laravel
Figma logo Figma
PHP logo PHP
Angular logo Angular

This project has been supported by the Ministry of economic development, through the grant scheme for supporting projects in the area of digitalization.

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