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Organization of Montenegrins Studying Abroad (OMSA) is a non-political, non-profitable, and nongovernmental organization working on establishing the most complete and information-wise richest network of Montenegrins Studying Abroad (MSA), with the ultimate goal of creating a unified platform for MSA to collaborate and engage actively in global, regional, and local project activities.

Story of growing

Over the years, OMSA has grown considerably in terms of its member and alumni community. With that, naturally, has grown a demand for new and improved programs, and expectations have risen sharply.

In order to match the demand, Organization has continuously worked on creating and delivering new programs. As the Organization delivers programs across the globe, it uses its centralized platform for communication with its members, alumni and third parties (institutions, organizations, diaspora, media etc).


OMSA conducts 3 programs as their key activities. The programs are intended for new members, as well as companies and organizations willing to collaborate with the organization. They include networking, collaboration and community work.

"In order to meet the growing expectations of our members, OMSA partnered with Codepixel to develop a platform through which members can access a variety of our services and programs."

Dimitrije Jovićević, OMSA director in 2020


The organization PoC (Point of Contact) network is present in over 40 countries, connecting thousands of students and alumni abroad. To present it all we developed an interactive map which users can browse and find all relevant information for the country they are interested in. If a country is marked, then it has a local coordinator appointed by the organization, whose duties are to coordinate the network and its activities within that country.


As members and alumni make an integral part of OMSA, we devoted a significant amount of time to develop a personal area section where they can register and communicate.

When registering, a member goes through a verification process after submitting the application form and can access the personal area only in case a green light has been given via email. In addition, the personal area allows a member to view all other registered members and the educational institution they come from.


Overall goal was to design and create a user friendly and modern web platform (desktop and mobile version) that will enable the Organization to efficiently communicate with its members, in which we succeeded.

Heavy work included integrating every page that we designed and coded into WordPress CMS. The whole content management system was developed using ACF plugin, which allows staff of the organization to manage and edit every page with ease.

The website is visited frequently (15k active users per month) by its members due to constant events and activities communicated by the organization.



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