Pimalion is the high-performance answer to the challenges of managing multi-channel retail communications. It provides a software platform that operates as a multi-channel hub for managing product data and creating online, digital, and print publications while enabling advertisers everywhere to implement a targeted communications strategy that makes the best use of all available distribution channels in the B²C (general public) or B²B (professional and business) spaces.


Our partners, Bild Studio, needed fast improvements on front-end for the application so we were engaged as a team extension. Beside the challenge of getting everything in order for the product release, there were also challenges in rewriting of legacy code, fixing bad front-end architecture, working on an outdated AngularJS and generally complex UX/UI of the new sections and functionalities.


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Hybrid app development

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Complete enhancement of the user interface and experience. Codepixel team involved 2 senior front-end developers who were working on re-writing the legacy code and developing new sections based on a ready UX design. Also, we were tasked with concepting and developing a mobile application.


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