The school for which this software was initially intended is Cambridge International School. School board noticed that a lot of hours were not spent efficiently on the daily work and a potential solution could be implemented by digitizing all traditional school processes. Before we started our collaboration, the owner had previously unsuccessfully tried to build something with different agencies and developers, but they could not deliver the expectations and did not start the project with the adequate architecture.


To fully digitize the daily work of the school in a way to transform and centralize operations, data / archives, processes, planning and reporting into a efficient online platform. Moreover, the application should serve five different user roles that allows to accessed, managed and shared easily and securely data throughout the school, promoting efficient practices, all through the user-friendly and intuitive interface. Guided by the very complexity of the system an additional challenge was to design and develop modular system architecture, which could be easily adapted or upgraded to any school under the Cambridge curriculum.


Sled Studio is a school management information system for school leaders and office staff which provides the tools needed to efficiently manage the school life. It is efficient, secure, easy to use and saves everybody valuable time so that schools can focus on improving the quality of teaching and learning.


Secure saving and storing all student and staff data in one place and create, export, and print filtered lists in seconds. The export in PDF with the school logo is done within seconds. The system allows users to see all student and staff individual details in one place depending on users' roles, and allowed access. We developed the possibility to share and export this data as PDF easily but securely! This is where users store key information including contact details, addresses, phone numbers, emails, photographs, and more. Central place to save the general school information such as the name, logo, address, and then it appears on all generated PDFs and reports. Independent and international schools need an MIS flexible enough that can be built around their specific terminology and characteristics.


Tracking and reporting student attendance with ease - school hours or after school activities. Students are also listed as present, absent or late. An auto-calculated dashboard gives the attendance summary based on the entire school, individual year groups, subjects and even students.



Recording, updating, and monitoring students’ progress, analyze attainment, inform & report - we created maximum for all curriculums: UK National, Cambridge International, IB, or other. The system is intuitive and easy to use with a modern layout and minimum clicks needed. Export of tailor-made informative and meaningful PDF report cards which can be easily sent to parents. There is an option to add an approval process before reports can be released.


The parents have separate logins for their own area where they can monitor their children's academic progress in real time. This saves valuable time and enables everybody to stay on top of the children's current needs, be it more challenging or work on weak points.


Full control of all internal and external communications through Sled Studio and send targeted messages to students, parents, teachers and associated contacts from one centrally managed module in a safe environment.
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High Data Security

When developing a content-rich platform, such as a tailor-made school management information system, data storage, and data security is of high importance as data breaches can cost schools millions. Guided by the fact that the application has a wide range of functionalities such as data XLS import and export, PDF export, generate PDF on fly, reports and charts export etc. to provide users with a fast, scalable and secure place to store documents, we turned to AWS S3. AWS S3 provides server side encryption where S3-managed keys encrypt files before saving it to disk and decrypts it when users request access to the file. AWS S3 made it extremely simple to store and retrieve files from any device, proving to be a highly scalable solution.

Final Result

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