Project overview


Project manager, UX/UI designer, Front-end developer, Back-end developer, DevOps engineer


Design and development of a custom software which will streamline bill of quantities procedures.


12 weeks


5+ modules


Sokla Architects is a company specialized in architecture, bill of quantities and real estate management.
The company is collaborating with many construction companies and investors across Montenegro, being a reliable partner especially in the domain of the bill of quantities where the exact amount of materials needed to be calculated is essential for them to be cost effective.
The bill of quantities is a description of the works and the amount necessary for the construction of the facility. The quantities of individual works ("bill of quantities") are calculated in the bill of quantities and expressed in length, square or cubic meters, or in pieces. For each item - work position, a clear, precise and detailed description of work and materials should be given, from which the entire work process covered by that position can be precisely defined and the quality, type and dimensions of materials to be installed according to that item should be determined.


For years our team relied on filling out boring Excel sheets to deliver the bill of quantities report to our clients. We did the whole process by hand and we also conducted reviews of reports row by row which consumed too much time. Also, by using the sheets we had to retrieve new information by digging through many folders and it lacked a centralized database. This entire process was done manually, which involved complex administrative processes and took a lot of time.


Research & strategy
Product design
QA testing
Cloud infrastructure


Time consuming

Database not centralised

Slow onboarding

No export in PDF

Userflow & Wireframes